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Last Updated: 14th May, 2020

TrialManager - CRF Health

TrialManager – CRF Health…

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TrialMaxTOUCH | CRF Health

TrialMaxTOUCH | CRF Health

TrialMax®, CRF Health’s patient-centric electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) solution, fits into your subjects’ real lives for more reliable reporting.


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Trial Management - CRF Health

Trial Management – CRF Health

Developing an eCOA Device Supply Strategy: The Vital Considerations for a Global Clinical Trial. With the increasing complexities of today’s clinical trials, …
TrialMax ® eCOA/ePRO - Signant Health

TrialMax ® ECOA/EPRO – Signant Health

Signant Health’s eCOA/ePRO solution, called TrialMax®, is a proven eCOA platform that leverages 20 years of scientific, operational, and regulatory experience.



Superior Data Through Technology, Design, & Expertise. The success of your clinical trial depends on clean, accurate data. TrialMax ®, CRF Health’s patient-centric electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment solu…
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HOME - Trailmax Trailers

HOME – Trailmax Trailers  


TrailMax Trailers are designed and constructed for Maximum Performance by a dedicated team of craftsmen. From their conception in the design process and throughout manufacturing, every step is taken to ensure a…

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